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Twenty-seven high school juniors and seniors graduated from the 36th annual Washington State Kiwanis Law Enforcement Youth Camp at the Washington State Patrol Academy on July 14, 2012. Student Cadets came from throughout the state for 6 days to learn what a police-type academy is like. Students also have speakers on a variety of law enforcement topics, including: water safety and rescue, Fish and Wildlife, State Parks, Professional Ethics, Probable Cause and Mock Court, Vehicle Stops, Interviews and Practical Boards, Motorcycle Gangs, Emergency Vehicle Operations, SWAT, Professional Ethics, K-9 Law Enforcement with Auburn PD, etcetera. Leadership, discipline, teamwork and ethics are an integral part of all classes. This annual camp gives high school juniors and seniors some life and career guidance.

Corporal Brent Dell-WSP, Trooper Bree Barton-WSP, Sheriff Casey Salisbury-Mason County Sheriff and Shelton Kiwanis, Deputy George Oplinger - Thurston County Sheriff's Office, Lieutentat Keith Huntley-WSP and Tumwater Kiwanis, Director Mark Couey-Office of the Insurance Commissioner and Olympia Kiwanis, Trooper Robert Taylor-WSP, Jan Britt - Liquor Control Board Enforcement, Retired and Olympia Kiwanis, and Sergeant John Sager-WSP, are some of the volunteer staff that make the partnernship between the Washington State Patrol and the Kiwanis Law Enforcement Youth Camp a success. Not pictured: Trooper John Field-WSP, Captian Jennifer Dzubayp Liquor Control Board Enforcement and CVEO Emily Lawrence, WSP.

Here is a group photo of the kids with Auburn PD k-9

For more information about the Kiwanis Law Enforcement Youth Camp, go to the WSP website: and click on the COMMUNITY OUTREACH tab at top, then the KIWANIS LAW ENFORCEMENT CAMP on the left. Or, call Jan Britt at 360-456-0503. There will be another camp in July, 2013. Applications will be due in May.